State Flag Square in Minsk

All state symbols are in one place, within 50 meters. A flag that is noticeable at first glance. A place for state ceremonies, recreation and excursions.

The new place, State Flag Square, appeared in Minsk in July 2013.

The area of ​​the flag is (without exaggeration) unique. This is the first facility in Belarus that was granted the status of the national symbol of the country. 

It is hard to imagine the breadth and the scope of the flag from the bottom. Yet its area is nearly 100 square meters and it weights 25 kilograms. It is made of a special waterproof and fireproof fabric. The flag can be raised either automatically or using remote control.

One of the most touching moments of the opening ceremony was when Belarus President bowed his head before the national flag of Belarus. The exact copy of the flag was transferred to the Modern Belarusian Statehood Museum.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
In the heart of Minsk, we have erected the entire complex including the State Flag Square, the Independence Palace, and the hall of festivities. 
This complex will be an eloquent symbol of our sovereignty and our independence. It will show the world that Belarus as a state that looks to the future with confidence.

All public TV channels of the country broadcast the opening ceremony of the Flag Square live. And it was worth it. The event was not pompous and extremely official. It was more like an open air concert. It was a place of joy, pride, and even tears.

During the raising of the flag some could not control their emotions. Like in an action, the flag would not untie in the middle of the ceremony, which excited the crowd of several thousand who gathered to see this landmark event. 

However, the problem was quickly dealt with and the end of the ceremony seemed even more pleasurable and impressive: salute shots lit up the sky and hundreds of balloons in the colors of the Belarusian flag rose into the air.

The presence of the Flag Square in the country is the main evidence of respect to state symbols. Similar places of honor exist in other countries: a 50-meter flagpole is located in Spain's Madrid, 100-meter flagpoles can be seen in Abu Dhabi, Amman, Astana and the capital of Brazil. 

The tallest flagpole is in the capital of Tajikistan (165 meters). The flag of Azerbaijan flies just three meters below it. By the way, Belarusian architects were guided by the Baku project.

Anna Aksenova, chief architect of the State Flag Square:
When we looked at the square in Baku, I thought that it looked modern and interesting from both town-planning and architectural point of view. And we decided that it might be an analog for our State Flag Square.

Everyone wanted to make the flagpole as high as possible but the architects were limited by the height of nearby buildings.

Anna Aksenova, chief architect of the State Flag Square:
When we developed the design, no one limited us. Nevertheless, given our weather conditions, a very tall flagpole could just hide behind the clouds. Clouds are very low here. In certain days of the season the flag would not be seen behind the clouds.

Architects offered several points for the Flag Square. For example, October Square. However, the flag would be less noticeable here. When choosing a place for the square the architects had to take into account even the wind rose.

Anna Aksenova, chief architect of the State Flag Square:
There were suggestions to make an observation platform on the flagpole. However, I believe it is not compatible with the symbols of the square. It requires an ascetic approach. It is inappropriate to build something else near the national emblem.

The width of the flagpole is 30cm at the top and 1.5m at the bottom. Its height is 70m. It's almost like a 25-story house. The flagpole is made of stainless steel and also serves as the city's lighthouse. It is also illuminated by floodlights.

There is a little secret here: a small, barely visible door is made at the bottom of the flagpole. Behind it is a ladder for maintenance purposes. However, only a specialist can enter it. The door has just one key. No duplicates have been made.

The flagstaff is carefully protected. However, the State Flag Square is open to everyone. 

Plans have been made to hold the most important ceremonies here. It is a big honor for any person to be next to the main state symbols of Belarus - the flag, the text of the anthem and emblems of all six Belarusian regions.

The flagpole near the exhibition center BelExpo