Children's railway in Minsk

The children's railway was opened in Minsk on July 9, 1955. It took about a year to build it. The constructors mulled two variants of the route. In the end the 3,790-meter route with five stops was built next to leisure and entertainment park named "Park Chelyuskintsev."

Children's railway was so close to real railways that hundreds of Minsk schoolchildren visited it during the next few days after the opening. Many of them were fascinated by technical creativity and railway models.

Future operators and switchmen were trained here. The training program took three years to complete.

In 1971, the Minsk children's railway was named after railman Konstantin Zaslonov, commander of the partisan brigade and Hero of the Soviet Union.

Accordingly, the station "Park of Culture” was renamed "Zaslonovo."

The children's railway celebrates every new season as a holiday.

The railway is served by young rail workers. They act in the capacity of train drivers, station masters, train masters, dispatchers, assistant station masters, conductors, controllers and others.

During weekends and public holidays, passengers at the Zaslonovo station can enjoy concerts and visit the café located at the station.

Address: 86 Nezavisimosti Avenue, the metro station Park Chelyuskintsev. 

Tickets can be bought in the ticket offices at the station.

Opening hours:

May and September: 11.00-17.10, including Saturday and Sunday and public holidays 1 May (Labor Day) and 9 May (Victory Day).

June, July and August:

Wednesday: 11.35-14.30

Thursday and Friday: 11.00 13.50

Saturday and Sunday: 11.00-17.00