Belarus among top 50 countries in Autostat's vehicles-per-capita ranking

Belarus took 46th place in the world ranking that assesses the number of vehicles per capita. Belarus has 355 cars per 1,000 people.

The ranking was compiled by the analytical agency Autostat based on data from OICA, World Bank and the agency's own database.

The world's average per capita number of vehicles is 162.

Russia is 52nd in the rating (317) while another Belarus' neighbor Latvia ranks 47th (344). Ukraine is in 69th place (191), Kyrgyzstan is 84th (146) and Azerbaijan took 89th place (125).

Brunei, with 873 cars per thousand people, topped the list.

Puerto Rico (819), the United States (801), Iceland (758), Luxembourg (733), Australia and Kuwait (both 723), Malta (708), Italy (705) and Guam (676) made it into the top 10 of the rating.

Ethiopia is last with only two vehicles per 1,000 people.