Troitskoye Predmestye [Trinity Suburb] in Minsk. Map.

Getting there: The Trinity Suburb can be reached by metro (Niamiha station, red line). The brigde across the Svisloch River leads to the Trinity Suburb (it also called Trinity Hill).

The Trinity Suburb is known for its atmosphere of history. This corner of the Belarus capital is very romantic.

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This place is popular with couples and artists and is ideal for photo shoots.

Many different events took place in the Trinity Suburb. This historic quarter of the city succeeded in preserving the charm of the 19th century. Colorful houses and yards help feel the atmosphere of those times.

За что минчане любят Троицкое предместье?

We’re winterizing the facade and choosing the paint. We don’t change anything but make it more comfortable. The Trinity Suburb must preserve its appearance.

The building materials of those times were not thrown away. Conversely, they were restored and used in the renovation. Tiles were cleaned and returned to their place.

The Trinity Suburb is a real attraction of Minsk. It has a unique poetic appearance, narrow streets and a picturesque waterfront.

It is one of favorite places for those who like to go for a walk during the weekend or after work.

Minsk residents:
- We like to walk here with friends and take catamaran tours. It’s very nice.
- I really like this place because of interesting architecture. I can feel the spirit of old times here.
- There are many young people here. The Trinity Suburb is a comfortable and pleasant place.
- I like this part of the city because I understand the value of historic buildings - I feel nostalgic for old things. So, it's great to be here. It is necessary that people see these old beautiful buildings.

За что минчане любят Троицкое предместье?

 - This is the only place in Minsk where you can find something similar to old architecture. Modern hi-tech buildings are not suitable for painting because they are all gray and colorless. Old buildings, however, have their colors. It is inspiring.

За что минчане любят Троицкое предместье?

The Trinity Suburb is an open air space and an undying muse for free artists. Here they find new topics and inspiration.

- The atmosphere of this place inspires us… We enjoy it.. It’s interesting and nice to be here because it has everything that any artist needs. We should keep it as our heritage.

The Trinity Suburb attracts directors' attention, too. There is a reason why this place becomes a shooting area because its architecture is a perfect background for historical films.

- It’s a nice place where atmosphere alone brings you joy. Here you can relax, meet your friends and add a few happy moments to your life.

За что минчане любят Троицкое предместье?

By the way, the Trinity Hill is a place where you can buy Belarusian souvenirs.

The Island of Tears (Island of Courage and Sorrow), which commemorates Belarusians who fought and died in Afghanistan, is situated near the Trinity Hill.