UEFA rejects Minsk's Euro 2020 bid

UEFA was deciding whether Minsk would be among the EURO 2020 hosts in Geneva exhibition center Espace Hippomene on September 19. Never before has the European football championship been so close to Belarus.

In honor of the 60th anniversary, the tournament will take place in thirteen countries at once. The organizers reviewed 19 applications, including the one of Belarus.

Even before the selection it was known that Belarus had slim chances of hosting Euro 2020 matches.

Minsk claimed to hold three group stage matches, and one 1/8 finals game. Unfortunately, the Belarusian capital was not given the right to host any EURO 2020 games.

In Belarus' bid, the sports facility was called Dinamo Arena. Its construction has not started yet. The total investment was estimated at 115 million euros.

The design capacity of the arena (about 30,000) itself decreased Belarus' chances. This is because UEFA said that it would allow only two candidates to host matches at the stadiums which capacity is less than 50,000. Besides Belarus' four countries had similar under-30,000 bids: Bulgaria, Denmark, Israel and FYR Macedonia.

Presentation of Minsk's Euro 2020 bid:


1/2 finals and the final: London.

Quarterfinals and the group stage: Munich, Baku, Moscow and Rome.

Last 16 and group stage: Copenhagen, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Dublin, Bilbao, Budapest, Brussels and Glasgow.

Photo: sportforbusiness.com