Victory Park in Minsk

Getting there: You should get off at the metro station Niamiha (red line), go to the Palace of Sport (3-5 minutes) and then take any of these buses: 1, 69, 73, 91 to the station Gvardeyskaya or Komsomolskoye Ozero (Komsomolskoye Lake). Both stations are near Park Pobedy [Victory Park].

In Belarusian, the park is called Park Pieramohi.

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Victory Park in Minsk (or Victoria Park as it is often called, or Park Pobedy in Russian), is closely linked to Komsomolskoye Lake located on its territory. After all, the history of the park begins with the creation of Komsomolskoye Lake by damming part of the Svisloch River. The park was due to open on June 22, 1941.

To do this, the Soviet youth came here and worked on the landscaping of the adjacent territory for 1.5 years. Most of these guys did not come back from the front and never saw the opening of the park since Nazi Germany attacked the USSR exactly on June 22, 1941.

After the war, the part finally opened in 1945. There were no problems choosing the name of the park - Victory! It was the Soviet people's victory over the Nazi invaders.

Initially, the area of ​​the park was 100 hectares.

In the postwar years, the park was repeatedly reconstructed but works were carried out only in certain areas. In 1985, the obelisk Minsk City Hero was unveiled at the entrance to the park. It was timed to the 40th anniversary of the victory.


парк победы

In 2005, a decision was made to renovate the park. In 2011, the updated Victory Park was officially opened.

As a result of the reconstruction, the area of the Victory Park was increased to 200 hectares (of which 40 hectares is Komsomolskoye Lake). A beach and a health trail are located on the bank of the lake. There you can see a venue for concerts, new sidewalks and go to the playground with your children.

Several fountains have been created in Victory Park. These are fountains Pobeda [Victory], Vechnost [Eternity] and the fountain with dynamic lighting Parus [Sail].

The concepts of "victory" and "memory" permeate all sculptures.

For example, the fountain "Victory" has 53 granite elements, equal to the number of divisions that liberated Minsk. The sculpture "Blossom" near the fountain "Sail" symbolizes the rise and revival of Belarus.


Bird Island is a special place in Victory Park. This is a paradise for bird watchers. The island is home to a large variety of birds, among which there are rare species. The island is separated from the main part of the park by the 60-meter-long bridge and has remained virtually intact.

To preserve the natural world and fauna, the paths have been made in a special way - using only natural materials!

If you decide to spend the weekend in Minsk and chose Victory Park, be sure you will not regret it! Family holidays in Minsk will not be full without visiting Victoria Park!